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Line Boring Services

Borex provides reliable on-site line boring services utilising fully self sufficient service trucks, completed by trade qualified, experienced technicians. With over 10 years of experience specialising in line boring and developing standardised procedures, teams have refined proven methods to guarantee the highest quality. Methods include acoustic wire alignments and qualified weld procedures to ensure the highest accuracy and quality of work is performed.

The complexity of projects differ based on the number of bores and set ups, along with the level of damage and whether they have impacted surrounding parts. Borex technicians will spend time understanding the OEM specifications of the machinery in question before using specialist alignment tooling and techniques to guarantee 100% accuracy.

What Is Line Boring?

Line boring involves the process of reclaiming pin bores back to OEM specification. A brief description is with the use of automatic ID welders the bores are pad welded to a smaller size than original then with the use of portable machining equipment the weld is machined out to bring the bore size back to original providing the correct amount of crush on bushes or clearance on pins.

As a business, it is imperative to minimise downtime by ensuring that heavy machinery is back in operation as soon as possible. With this in mind, portable line boring is critical for the on-site repair of any worn or damaged pivot point connection using pins and bores. Some typical examples in mining are excavator buckets, dump truck trays, reclaimer bucket wheels, etc.

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Mobile Line Boring

Borex recognises that any form of downtime can have a detrimental impact on daily operations, which is why mobile line boring is also available to all industries. Technicians bring their machine expertise to your site if, for example, the bore features on a fixed plant which is impractical to transport. An array of specialised line boring services are available, including internal bore welding and external face welding, as well as the shrinking and fitting of bushes.

After assessing the cause of the problem and identifying the location of bores, Borex will aim to complete all tasks fast and precise. In opting for mobile line boring, additional expenses can be saved. Not only will can expensive downtime be avoided, but the cost of transporting heavy machinery.

A large fleet of fully self-sufficient portable line boring trucks are available, located in various locations between Perth and Karratha. This allows Borex to service clients from South of Perth to the far North Pilbara and everywhere in between. As all Borex branch managers have extensive experience in line boring, they ensure that the quality of work and tradespeople is maintained across all areas.

Special Projects

For any difficult or out of the ordinary jobs, our line boring department has the internal support of a full machining and fabricating workshop. This enables Borex to create tooling for completing tasks others cannot perform.